Just Who Is Doe Deere

The name Doe Deere isn’t fairly common here in America, but there isn’t anything that’s common about this person. The Doe Deere of cosmetics is as flamboyant as her actual makeup products. This extraordinary young woman has changed the game by doing things her way. She has implemented her very own sense of style right into her products. Doe Deere is probably one of the most fashionable people that you’ve never heard of, but she owns one of the most popular cosmetics brand of the 21st century. Lets get a more in-depth look at to why this person is so special.


Musician, trendsetter, futurist, entrepreneur, businesswoman and artist describes Doe Deere. She possesses each and every one of these facets to the highest degree. She is a true animal-lover and none of her products are tested on animals. Deere gives back in many different ways by supporting charities like HOLA, Bideawee and Girls Inc. Themes and colors are what she thrives off and all of her brand’s colors represent certain themes. As you can see, there is a method to the madness and the brand’s colors are more than just organized-chaos. Alchemy, Lime Crime’s latest collection, is based on subcultures, fantasies and mythical creatures. Deere brings the color palette to life via poisonous greens, burning coppers and swirling purples. What you see is definitely what you get. “I’ll never stop daring myself to try new things,” said Deere.


This Fashion Institute of Technology student is using her illustration and fashion design-sense in the best possible way. “War Paint,” a popular dual biography, is one of her top business books to read as it speaks on international business strategies of the beauty empire. Deere is well-inclined about the beauty business in general, and she uses this knowledge to further her brand. Karl Lagerfeld is also another one of her favorite authors. The liquid-matte lipsticks are some of the most popular Lime Crime products. These dynamic lipsticks are rich in color, are easy to apply and are touch-proof. These fantastic lipsticks has set the precedent for modern-day cosmetics. The “Blue Unicorn” lipstick just so happened to be one of the brand’s first best-sellers. What more could you ever want from a high-quality cosmetics brand? What more could you ever need from a creator? All in all, Doe Deere has made her mark on society, but who knows what she has in store for the coming years.


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