Mermaid EOS First Impressions

PurpleStars02 reviews and does first impressions on some brand new EOS Lip Balms. The set is called the Marine Collection. She found the set at Kohls for $9.

The first one she tries out is the Water Mint flavor. This one comes in an aqua colored container. She assumes it is going to be very refreshing. It’s a brand new scent, and she says it doesn’t smell like any other lip balm she’s every smelled before. It’s a combination of peppermint, spearmint, and eucalyptus mint. It has the same amazing consistency as always. It’s very silky, smooth, and hydrating. It leaves a tiny bit of shine on the lips. She rates it an 8 out of 10.

The next one she reviews is the “shimmery mermaid EOS” which is what she calls it because it doesn’t actually have a specific flavor. It comes in a dark purple container with silver design, and says it is color changing on your lips. The product is a shiny purple in color, and is something she has never seen before. It is very pretty even before putting it on. It smells like a light vanilla, and it does cause a slight change in lips. It’s not a harsh change, but it is very shimmery and blends really nicely. It does have a light vanilla flavor as well. She gives it an 8.5 out of 10.

She loved both of these EOS Lip Balms but she thinks her favorite out of the two is the shimmery mermaid EOS Lip Balm because it’s just so fun and something new for EOS to do. It’s super unique and she just loves how it changes colors on your lips. Both are very hydrating and moisturizing, and very reasonable in price. They are available in stores and the website.