Brazilian Companies are Adopting More Anti-Corruption Mechanism

Brazilian attorney Bruno Fagali reports on his website that due to the corruption scandals that have plagued Brazilian companies those companies are now interested in and dedicated to increased risk monitoring in 2017. This was confirmed by a Deloitte research survey. The survey revealed that 73% of companies are now adopting anti-corruption mechanisms. The percentage of companies using anti-corruption mechanisms has risen as indicated by a research study done in 2015 where only 59% of companies adopted anti-corruption mechanisms.

The unethical conduct and fraud in business have risen to 80%. This is a 20% increase from two years ago when unethical conduct and fraud was only at 60%. Bruno Fagali pointed out that the Deloitte study monitored donations to political parties and electoral campaigns. 69% of the Deloitte research participants admitted to giving donations. Find out more about Fagali at

Bruno Fagali explains that the risk consulting partners from Deloitte Ronaldo Fragoso and Alex Borges found that between the two studies there was a rise in percentages. The rise in percentages demonstrates that companies prioritized and implemented anti-corruption mechanisms to prevent unethical conduct. Despite the results of the research study, there is still room for improvement as only 49% of companies have reported the implementation of risk management at the optimal level.

The five areas that the risk management audit analyzed were regulatory, operational, strategic, financial, and online. The surveys showed that the companies performed well in regulatory practices and financial risks. The items links to fighting corruption are located in regulatory practices, and financial risks are related to accounting and cash flow. However, they did not do well in strategic risk management which involves reputation and market competition. Fagali pointed out that the companies did not fare well in regards to online digital exposure. Visit:


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