Samuel Strauch Is One Of Florida’s Most Valuable Real Estate Assets

The Miami real estate marketplace has become a perennial spot on the radar for anyone in the country looking for a region in which to buy personal property, as well as, affordable investments. Samuel Strauch is using his influence as a high-profile Affinity Realty associate to assist buyers and investors with their first real estate purchases in the Miami market.

With more than 14 years of regional Miami real estate sales experience, Samuel Strauch is becoming one of the most influential consultants in the area. His knowledge of the housing and commercial real estate market in Miami is unsurpassed. He welcomes the opportunity to work with a diverse clientele.

Samuel Strauch completed his business degree at Hofstra University, started his own real estate company in 2002, and is now one of the most influential realtors in the South Florida and Latin America regions. He fully understands the systems used to place value on every type of Florida real estate, and is an invaluable asset for people wanting to buy property in the region.

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Florida offers an endless stream of property investments, but realtors like Samuel Strauch know how to spot the properties with investment potential. His knowledge of the market comes from personal experience and years spent gauging the tenor of this region’s growth and interest worldwide. Many Florida realtors can assist clients with buying and selling properties on a flat line basis, but Samuel Strauch is intent on helping clients pinpoint their most equitable investment opportunities. He treats every client as a peer in the difficult task of locating the perfect property match for a Florida investor’s interests.

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