Sahm Adrangi Speech At The Manhattan Conference

Sahm Adrangi, the mastermind behind the formation of Kerrisdale Capital Management in 2009, is an investment analyst who seeks to provide a leeway through which individuals openly invest in projects that are worthwhile. Over the years, there has been a skyrocketing demand for investments, therefore exposing many people to non-existing investment projects which more often than not end up swindling their hard earned finances. Armed with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the reputable Yale University in the year 2003, he has risen from a mere right-hand man for substantial financial firms to become one of the highly sought after investment analysts.

Fresh from the University, Sahm Adrangi sharpened his skills working for the Longrace Fund Management LLC as its chief investments analyst. The firm was set for a complete overhaul of its investment projects in a bid to increase its Return On Investments value. The sudden success of the company exposed his career growth to full throttle, and within a brief time, rival financial institutions came knocking for his fantastic services. Chanin Capital tapped his expertise to restructure its bankruptcy policies by advising their creditors.

Sahm Adrangi’s in-depth research on possible investment opportunities with a precedent high return has led to the growth of his firm’s net worth to a whopping $150 Million in assets. His works have been globally recognized due to his unrelenting fight against fraudulent Chinese stocks long before investors would engage them, therefore saving them fortunes. In a recently-held conference, he made an outstanding speech on “Ad Fraud Opportunities” was well received due to the nature of risk it poses on the stock market.

The conference held in Manhattan proved worthwhile for the attendees who had to part with costs ranging from $2,000 and $4,000. Those who grasped every dos and don’ts throughout the speeches went home a happy lot, and should they implement the ideas and information shared out; their company’s portfolio will without a doubt go a notch higher. Sahm Adrangi was accompanied by other investments experts including Victoria Hart from the Pinnacle View Capital, Jon Gattman of the Cloverdale Capital Management, and Mark Spiegel from Stanphyl Capital Partners among others.

Western Union PSI Pay

The global payment solutions provider ecoPayz has incorporated Western Union into their platform. Allowing their members to send and receive money both domestically and internationally.


These services are available 24/7 with transfers occurring in real time. The blending of Western Union into the U.K. based EcoPayz is a never before seen conjunction. This union is empowering online consumers to shop with confidence, via their easy to use mobile app.


Who is Western Union?

They are currently a worldwide financial institution transferring money both digitally and physically. Their network currently spans over half a billion retail locations and are located in over 200 global territories.


What is EcoPayz?

EcoPayz is operated under PSI-Pay and offers security and efficiency. You can visit to learn more or get the free Western Union app which is currently offered in over 150 locations worldwide. Get an ecoAccount today and be among the billions of people taking advantage of this powerful tool.


EcoPayz And Their Accreditations And Memberships:

*FCA (Financial Conduct Authority)

*PCI (Payment Card Industry)

*DSS (Data Security Standards)


*PIF (prepaid International Forum)

*ICO (Information Commissioners Office)


Are E-Money and Bitcoin The Same?

Both e-money and Bitcoin are utilized globally. But, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin don’t rely on central regulations to operate. E-money relies on regulatory practices set in place by the government.


How Are Their Values Determined?

*Bitcoin – Supply And Demand Generates Their Value

*E-Money – Fiat Currency Available In The System Generates Their Value

Who is PSI-Pay Ltd?

This is where we employ PSI-Pay, to locate the best payment method. They are overseen by the Financial Conduct Authority. Although they are based in the UK, they operate in all EU and EEA territories (over 172 countries). PSI-Pay provides a high level of security through their services to all of their members.


When asked about PSI-Pay and it’s empowering alternative to banking, the managing director of PSI-Pay, Bill Davies Responded,”I’m particularly keen to cross match technology solutions with equally effective and intelligent security and risk management tools to provide a safer environment for all.”

Madison Street Capital: Recap of Press Release and Background Information

Note: this Press Release being recapped can be found on the website of PR Newswire.

Madison Street Capital also known as MSC has headquarters in Burtonsville, Maryland. It was established in 2008. This company is a worldwide firm of investment banking firm. This has portrayed as the unique advisor of finance. It also organized for Infiniti HR a facility of debt. Infinity HR offers human resources and solutions of business process. The solutions allows businesses of medium and small sizes to have a better center of core operations. That facility was supplied by Oak Street Funding. The arrangement was declared by the Madison Street Capital CEO Charles Botchway. It was also led by Barry Peterson who is the Senior Managing Director.



The CEO of Infiniti HR Scott Smrkovski believes that capital access is the only thing that blocks them from upgrading Infiniti HR. He also believes that the partnership will let them keep on offering solutions of innovation to the SMB and Franchise communities. Rick Denen, CEO and President of Oak Street Funding says they have experienced. This is with difficulty of the business model for Infinity HR. He believes too, knowledge mixed with strength of management team of Infinity HR and Barry Peterson had an outcome. This was in funding and gainful relationship. Barry Peterson is the one who organized the transaction of Madison Street Capital.


Madison Street Capital has dedication to factors of leadership, integrity, and excellence. It also has service in bringing different financial advisory services that are corporate. Some examples are services in expertise in merger and acquisition, corporate financial advisory, financial opinions, and advisory. Those type of services place clients to do well in the marketplace that’s global. This firm has gained the trust of clients over the world. This was in their steady commitment to greatest professional standards level.


Madison Street Capital aims to offer its customers with the greatest advisory services and mergers or acquisitions, also known as (M&A). They help customers by first comprehending the right company value. That is something vital to the operation. It also offers an up to date illustration of the future opportunities and present day state. Madison State Capital has offices in the continents of Asia, Africa, and North America. It contains valuation and advisory services too. This is to have the same proper structure of capitalization and finance. This is to every special customer situation.


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