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After graduating from the University of Florida in 1991, Paul Mampilly got a well-paying job as a manager in one of the banks on Wall Street. Ever since his experience curve has been growing steeply and he has gained more experience along the way. He has worked with various multi-billion empires with latest being a six-billion-dollar hedge fund owned by Kinetic assets management. Furthermore, Paul Mampilly is a brilliant fellow, and this was proven during the Templeton foundation award that he won during the 2008-2009 financial crisis.

After years of experience with the wall street and managing big financial institutions, he decided to move out of the wall street and channel his knowledge the people out of this zone. Today, he is considered an advocate for the ordinary individuals and he focuses on advising them on the best investment practices. Despite appearing on various television programs, he writes newsletters, including his latest one known as Profits Unlimited. Therefore, Paul Mampilly has managed to cater to the average American citizens and his fans around the world as well.

Twitter Article Recap

In this article, Paul Mampilly talks about the bitcoins and how people are making lots and lots of money. He gives a true story of a thirty-year-old, Erica Standford who became a millionaire after investing her money in the cryptocurrency. According to Mr. Mampilly, people are reaping a lot from the cryptocurrency, especially the millennials. When Mrs. Erica quit her marketing job, her boss promised to keep for her the post so that when she fails, she will come back. On the other hand, her father accused her of following the road to becoming homeless, but she followed her heart and decided to trade in cryptocurrency full time. According to Mr. Mamphilly, no one understood why she had to take such a huge risk. When she lost about six thousand dollars in a day since her wallet was offline and she was unable to cash out for the trade, she kept on pushing. Therefore, his parting shot to the investors was to invest where millennials are putting their money.

Western Union PSI Pay

The global payment solutions provider ecoPayz has incorporated Western Union into their platform. Allowing their members to send and receive money both domestically and internationally.


These services are available 24/7 with transfers occurring in real time. The blending of Western Union into the U.K. based EcoPayz is a never before seen conjunction. This union is empowering online consumers to shop with confidence, via their easy to use mobile app.


Who is Western Union?

They are currently a worldwide financial institution transferring money both digitally and physically. Their network currently spans over half a billion retail locations and are located in over 200 global territories.


What is EcoPayz?

EcoPayz is operated under PSI-Pay and offers security and efficiency. You can visit to learn more or get the free Western Union app which is currently offered in over 150 locations worldwide. Get an ecoAccount today and be among the billions of people taking advantage of this powerful tool.


EcoPayz And Their Accreditations And Memberships:

*FCA (Financial Conduct Authority)

*PCI (Payment Card Industry)

*DSS (Data Security Standards)


*PIF (prepaid International Forum)

*ICO (Information Commissioners Office)


Are E-Money and Bitcoin The Same?

Both e-money and Bitcoin are utilized globally. But, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin don’t rely on central regulations to operate. E-money relies on regulatory practices set in place by the government.


How Are Their Values Determined?

*Bitcoin – Supply And Demand Generates Their Value

*E-Money – Fiat Currency Available In The System Generates Their Value

Who is PSI-Pay Ltd?

This is where we employ PSI-Pay, to locate the best payment method. They are overseen by the Financial Conduct Authority. Although they are based in the UK, they operate in all EU and EEA territories (over 172 countries). PSI-Pay provides a high level of security through their services to all of their members.


When asked about PSI-Pay and it’s empowering alternative to banking, the managing director of PSI-Pay, Bill Davies Responded,”I’m particularly keen to cross match technology solutions with equally effective and intelligent security and risk management tools to provide a safer environment for all.”

The Work of Infinity Group Australia

Graeme Holm has served in the financial industry for more than 17 years. For the first ten of the years, he worked for Big Four banking. He grew disillusioned with and increasingly discouraged by the fact that the bank gave families deals that ended up ruining their financial future by putting them into massive debt. He did a six-month-long research of the Australian mortgage market and found that there was a shockingly low amount of adequate financial support for Australian families. So he quit the banking business and co-founded Infinity Group Australia in 2013.


He and his co-founding partner, Rebecca Walker have led the company to enormous success. The company’s primary focus is on helping their clients improve their finances, namely assisting them in managing debt. The company does what it does by assigning a personal banker to their clients who will help them pay off their loans and debts as soon as possible. This personal banker will provide ongoing guidance and support throughout the lifetime of the loan transaction. The fact that there is this person looking after your finances substantially lovers unneeded stress.


Past customers have stated that it also helps that the staff of Infinity is incredibly friendly. One customer even said that prior to Infinity they were in very bad financial circumstances and never thought they would own their own home. But with Infinity’s help, the client’s family not only owns a home but four investment properties as well. Infinity’s customer service is so good, in fact, that they were recently awarded this year’s Customer Experience Management Award. To the end of customer friendliness, Infinity often awards things like cars, home renovations, scholarships, and sponsorship of community sports teams.


And their work has produced very noticeable results. They have helped the average save $41,000 in debt. They do this by helping the average client pay off a 30-year loan in only 7 to 10 years. But debt reduction is just one of its services today. Since its founding, it has extended its research to also include wealth creation and retirement solutions. Today infinity has offices in Bella Vista, Cronulla, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Port Macquarie.

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