Why Talkspace Is a Futuristic Therapy Office

The millennium age is filled with stressed out adults and depressed children who did not get the fundamental tools to combat life’s inevitable hurdles. This creates a broken social set up where stress affects new people like a ripple effect. This is the definition of hurting people hurts people.

The internet age provides millions of people with access to online therapy sessions to smoothen their lives. Talkspace is a famous online therapy platform accessible through mobile and PCs. The forum began operating in 2012 as an establishment of Roni Frank and Oren Frank. They ensure that each therapist has n operating license in New York.

Talkspace is a safe talking space that encodes conversation using the banking encryption system. Each registered user undergoes an assessment test that matches them to a suitable therapist who will match their daily schedule and therapeutic needs. Talkspace affords therapy to anyone who may not afford or manage to travel to a physical office for treatment. The app allows communication through apps, video chats, audios and texts.

Recently, Talkspace announced its plan to work with Michael Phelps to emphasize the importance of seeking mental therapy. The message receives broadcast from national TV to reach a wider number. Michael Phelps speaks on his personal journey to defeating mental battles and urges anyone experiencing the same to find solace on Talkspace.

Phelps expresses his desperation while dealing with anxiety and depression. He talks about his urge to seek out professional help but combating crippling anxiety. Phelps began unloading his life from stress by video chatting and texting with therapists on Talkspace. He has transformed from a ball of anxiety and depression that feels alienated from the surrounding world to an optimistic and authentic person who finds joy in everyday life.

Michael Phelps is currently part of the firm’s board of advisors, which includes CEOs in the commercial world, expert psychologists and other industry experts. Oren Frank understands the depth Michael Phelps possesses about mental health and stated that his addition will play a huge role in Talkspace. Talkspace is excellent for anyone who finds it impossible to go outside, a famous person, rich or poor person as well the old and young.