Oncotarget: Transforming Oncology Through Research

One of the main goals of Oncotarget is to redefine the world of Oncology with research. They have a fully competent system which enables them to do just that. They recently announced that the Oncotarget journal was recently voted number one among all journals based on Oncology research. The knowledge and experience of their research professionals has definitely paid off.

What are some things that set Oncotarget apart? How are they working to be an asset to the Cancer research community and to Cancer patients? The answer first and foremost lies in their vision statement, which is the guiding force of every company. At Oncotarget, they seek to “make scientific results rapidly and widely available” and “to maximize the impact of research via insightful review.” They are also looking to link different specialties together and to join different biomedical fields together in order to create a more cohesive unit in the fight against Cancer.

Download: http://endnote.com/downloads/style/oncotarget

Right down to their name, this is an organization that is seeking to redefine Cancer research. They are proud of telling people that the term ‘Oncotarget” is simply the study of “all molecules, pathways, and cellular functions common in cancer and aging, neurodegeneration and atherosclerosis, lymphocytes and neurons, cancer cells and microbes.” Because they realize that cancer has destroyed many lives, their studies encompass a lot of different areas.

One of their most notable areas would be in the realm of Asbestos. Many men and women have been diagnosed with cancer simply because they were working with this chemical day in and day out. Oncotarget’s recent research uncovered the fact that there were certain properties in some of the cancer cells of the Asbestos-related cancer Malignant mesothelioma (MM) that can make early diagnosis much easier. Ask any Asbestos Cancer patient or physician treating them, and they would tell you that early diagnosis sometimes is the difference between life and death. Oncotarget is also available on Dove Press.

It is these breakthroughs that Oncotarget continues to do on a daily basis. They work tirelessly to redefine research and make literally millions of individual lives better. Research from dedicated scientists makes everything possible!