Alex Hern: Career Success and Insights

Alex Hern undoubtedly has had a very successful career while working in the world of technology that involves not only XR or VR, but much more. His business, Tsunami XR, has made a name for itself by crushing the competition and getting ahead in a fierce competitive market. Him and his co-founder David Ross understand the ever changing landscape is bringing customers new experiences through visual realities most of us thought would never be possible. Hern has been in the industry working hard with early stage companies to assist in bringing their ideas to the forefront with new innovative concepts. In an in-depth interview he shares some of his philosophies and views on what it takes to get ahead.

Hern lives by the importantance of taking at least four to five hours to himself to concentrate on how to continue making Tsunami the success it has become. He states if he ever had the chance to give his younger self advice, he’s simply tell him to slow down because it is not a sprint but a marathon. Taking one’s time is crucial to him because it allows us to not only make the right decisions but long-term ones that have more of a benefit to our overall goals.

Alex HernHern is all about focus in which he believes many think is quite simply, but yet can be a challenge. His life routine is about waking up early and building a habit to always be consistent. As for getting new sales, Hern states that should be left up to the executives in charge of that area. He encourages many to develop a partnership with solution makers. He also knows that macroeconomics can and will effect a business in some way because it’s out of our control. Hern says our job is to prepare ourselves before anything happens.

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