Igor Cornelsen: Investment Genius

The investment career of Igor Cornelsen started in 1970 after he graduated from the Federal University fo Panama with a degree in economics. Initially, Cornelsen attended the Federal University of Panama to study engineering, but after two years of coursework, he decided to pursue a career in business, a move that led to the successful career he enjoys today.

Upon graduation, Cornelsen gained employment from an investment bank. A few years later, he moved to Rio de Janeiro. By 1974 Igor Cornelsen was sitting on the board of directors of Multibanco, one of Brazil’s largest investment firms. By 1976 he was the CEO.

Igor Cornelsen was only with Multibanco for a short time, however. In 1978 Multibanco was acquired by another, larger bank, and Cornelsen decided to seek employment elsewhere. He found it another large Brazilian bank known as Unibanco. Once again, Cornelsen sat on the board of directors and enjoyed many successful years at Unibanco.

In 1985, Cornelsen decided once again to move, and he was hired by Libra Bank LPC. Libra Bank LPC was a London Merchant Bank, and as such, they paid salaries in US dollars. This was the first time Cornelsen had been paid in US dollars and this new currency allowed him to further diversify his portfolio by investing in new markets.

After Libra Bank LPC, Cornelsen went to Standard Chartered Merchant Bank. In 1995, he left to pursue his own investment firm. He found success in his own firm, and he continues to operate it and oversee investments to this day.

Cornelsen’s investment strategies revolve around up to date news. He chooses to get his news directly from sources, rather than rely on second-hand interpretations. He also invests on a macro-level. This means he focuses on the interactions between the economies of different countries.

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