OG Juan – CEO of Roc Nation

OG Juan is the CEO of Roc Nation. The sports and entertainment empire is the brainchild of Jay-Z. Indeed, Jay-Z is extremely successful, and his spending sprees prove it. Who would believe a $110,000 bar tab for six people? Either you are looking at expensive drinks, or you are looking at a lot of partying.

Jay-Z spent time in Manhattan celebrating Juan OG Perez’s 50th birthday. It was an expensive evening. The group started out dining at Zuma and the bill came to $13,000. This did not even cause Jay-Z to bat an eye. From there, the group navigated their way over to Made in Mexico in Inwood. They managed to spend another $9,000 on drinks alone.

Well, OG Juan’s group did not actually drink that much liquor, however, they did purchase it. It was at the club Playroom where his group bought 40 bottles of Spades Champagne, also owned by Jay-Z. They shared those bottles with other patrons.

Roc Nation Sports is an advertising entity that helps to elevate athlete careers both on the field, the court, and off the field. The company actively pursues endorsement deals for their clients, and in addition handles brand strategies and media relations. OG Juan Perez has an immense task of running Roc Nation. Founded in 2008, the company is now one of the world’s prominent entertainment companies.

The company is an industry disrupter as it umbrellas athletes, musicians, producers, and songwriters. It clients comprise some of the most prominent names in respective industries. As such, OG Juan Perez works with some of the planet’s leading professionals in music publishing, brand development, fashion, philanthropy, and technology.

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