Betsy DeVos Has Devoted Her Life To Ensuring That Your Kids Receive The Education They Deserve

Betsy DeVos is no stranger to giving. She has been a philanthropist and supporter of educational freedom for as long as she can remember. When educational choice wasn’t as popular as it is becoming today, she was in the trenches fighting for families who live in the United States. She has gotten a lot of attention and gained plenty of critics due to her large political donations to the GOP and its causes, but those donations are nothing compared to her charitable donations. In that arena, she has donated more than $139 million, and she will most likely continue to donate more.


Before Betsy DeVos was confirmed as the Secretary of Education for the United States, she decided to reveal to the public how much she has donated. This wasn’t done to show off but was, instead, done to hush her critics up. Once she did, it was revealed that her and her husband, Dick DeVos, had donated $11.6 million to charitable causes in 2015, alone. This was more than two and half times the amount of money she has donated to political campaigns over the last five years, combined. The DeVos family have reportedly donated more than $1.33 billion over the course of their lives, which speaks for roughly one fourth of their combined multi-billion dollar fortune.


This is because Betsy DeVos sees money as something that can help people rather than something she needs to hoard away and keep all to herself. She has always been concerned for the rights of others and has always fought to protect poor communities in the United States. Unfortunately, the public at-large has been fooled by her political detractors who have attempted to make her look foolish and out of touch with the common American. During her confirmation as Secretary of Education of the United States, she was made to appear ignorant as the Democratic party bashed her openly.


While many Washington D.C. politicians once had their doubts about Betsy DeVos, they are coming to find out that she is an experienced political opponent who takes her work very seriously. Her support of American families and especially poorer American families has seen her continue to battle for their rights. This battle has taken place in the educational arena where kids in the United States are suffering the most. Like the parents of these children, she wants to see laws passed that allow public funds to pay for private or charter school tuition. This would enable these parents to send their kids to a school that will support their growth and learning rather than to one of the many failing public schools in their area.


The real problem, according to Betsy DeVos, is that the educational system in the United States is running on an outdated model that forces most kids to attend a school based only on the zip code of where their home is located. Obviously, since poorer families can’t afford private or charter school tuition, they suffer the most. This is a travesty according to Mrs. DeVos, and it’s a cause that she has been willing to devote her entire life to.


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