Bruno Fagali: The Notable Lawyer At Fagali Advocacia

Fagali Advocacia is an organization founded by Bruno Fagali, a notable name in the legal sector. Having worked with a wide range of clients through the course of his career, Fagali has brought years worth of experience to the table, which has helped him with the company that he leads. He specializes in the field of corporate law, in particular in his dealings with Urban Law, Regulatory Law, Administrative Law and financial law.

Fagali Advocacia was founded with the intent of offering a high quality of services to customers and clients from all over the country. Fagali has an incredibly high-quality standard for the services that his firm provides, which is why every client coming to the company is offered nothing short of the very best. Clients coming to the company have an advocate put onto their case which is specialized in their dealings. Fagali himself oversees all of the operations that are conducted here and looks over all of the proceedings of the company. Under his command, the company has grown extensively over the years that they have been operational, and have risen to being one of the more notable names in the legal industry.


Bruno Fagali is also incredibly proficient in dealing with corporate ethics, in particular when it comes to dealing with advertising agencies. He stands as the coordinator to the Ethics and Advertising Commission of Brazil and regularly offers his insight and knowledge into dealings with the companies that are a part of this organization. He is also able to offer a unique insight into corporates having worked at some of the more notable advertising agencies in the country. One of the big ad names that he has worked for in the past was NOVA/SB, which is a company that offers advertising and marketing solutions to brands. While working for this company, Fagali stopped as the corporate integrity manager and helped them with all the proceedings that they had to conduct at the agency.

One of the reasons why Fagali has been such a prominent member of the legal industry is because of the knowledge that he gained during his schooling and university life. He attained a degree in law and then went on to specialize in various other facets of the field. He knew that if he wanted to become a well-known name, he would have to diversify his knowledge, which is why he went on to pursue a number of other business courses to assist him in his professional careers.


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