Bruno Fagali: The Notable Lawyer At Fagali Advocacia

Fagali Advocacia is an organization founded by Bruno Fagali, a notable name in the legal sector. Having worked with a wide range of clients through the course of his career, Fagali has brought years worth of experience to the table, which has helped him with the company that he leads. He specializes in the field of corporate law, in particular in his dealings with Urban Law, Regulatory Law, Administrative Law and financial law.

Fagali Advocacia was founded with the intent of offering a high quality of services to customers and clients from all over the country. Fagali has an incredibly high-quality standard for the services that his firm provides, which is why every client coming to the company is offered nothing short of the very best. Clients coming to the company have an advocate put onto their case which is specialized in their dealings. Fagali himself oversees all of the operations that are conducted here and looks over all of the proceedings of the company. Under his command, the company has grown extensively over the years that they have been operational, and have risen to being one of the more notable names in the legal industry.


Bruno Fagali is also incredibly proficient in dealing with corporate ethics, in particular when it comes to dealing with advertising agencies. He stands as the coordinator to the Ethics and Advertising Commission of Brazil and regularly offers his insight and knowledge into dealings with the companies that are a part of this organization. He is also able to offer a unique insight into corporates having worked at some of the more notable advertising agencies in the country. One of the big ad names that he has worked for in the past was NOVA/SB, which is a company that offers advertising and marketing solutions to brands. While working for this company, Fagali stopped as the corporate integrity manager and helped them with all the proceedings that they had to conduct at the agency.

One of the reasons why Fagali has been such a prominent member of the legal industry is because of the knowledge that he gained during his schooling and university life. He attained a degree in law and then went on to specialize in various other facets of the field. He knew that if he wanted to become a well-known name, he would have to diversify his knowledge, which is why he went on to pursue a number of other business courses to assist him in his professional careers.


Jeremy Goldstein Explaining the Top Benefits of Knockout Options

Many companies are tasked with providing their employees with attractive employment packages when they are hired by a company or a corporation. To make sure a business is hiring the cream of the crop, they must be able to compete with others in their same industries. In fact, in order for a company to show that they are the best place to work, these companies offer very competitive salaries and other incentives to snag the best talent. Though there are many different things that can be offered, one of the coveted and noticeable is company stock options. So, traditionally, these stock options have been a significant part of what an employee may consider as the carrots that cause them to accept the job position. To that end, here are 2 things that you need to know what is going on.


Newly Created Alternatives to Stock Options


While these stock options have been very attractive and a vital part of a good compensation program for corporations all over the U.S., things are swiftly changing to another alternative to accomplish the same or similar effects. According to Jeremy Goldstein of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, this new alternative is now replacing the traditional stock option for many companies who are expecting to benefit from the newly created Knockout option.


With all of these facts in mind, here are some things you should know about the knockout option and Jeremy Goldstein as it relates to the advantages and benefits of this new replacement option.



Jeremy Goldstein – Explaining the Benefits to Employers


For those employers who want to know more about the knockout option, you may want to follow the sites that Jeremy Goldstein has posted his information on. These sites will not only explain what the knockout option entails but the benefits for an employer to make this switch. Typically, the top benefits of changing this incentive in an employee compensation plan are to provide an option that will give all of the employees the exact same benefits. It is also important to note that aside from the increase in salaries that some people are entitled to, this knockout option is great for further boosting the employees’ salary. Therefore, when a new employee is comparing their offer from one company to the next, they can make an informed decision about the job position’s overall net worth. Learn more:


Today, there are many different changes going on in companies today. Some of which are not only affecting the job opportunities that people have access to but also the actual compensation incentives that they are being offered by businesses all over the U.S. In addition to the reduction in of jobs available, employees can now expect to be offered other replacement incentives that will change out the traditional stock options with a Knock option from the companies that they work for.

Whitney Wolfe The Founder Of Bumble App Bans Gun Posts

Whitney Wolfe is the founder and the CEO of Bumble app. The American entrepreneur is also the co-founder of Tinder a dating app. She was born in Salt Lake, Utah to Michael Wolfe and Kelly. Whitney currently resides in Texas, and she is married to Michael Herd. The 28-year-old attended Southern Methodist University where she specialized in international studies. She started her entrepreneurship journey while she was 19 and still in college. She would sell Bamboo tote bags in areas that were affected by BP oil spill. After college life, she travelled to South Asia where she worked with the less fortunate particularly in the orphanages.

Whitney Wolfe founded Bumble in 2014. Bumble is a dating app that gives women more control than traditional/ previous dating sites. In one year, the app had over 15 million conversations and closed to 80 million matches, making the app a great success in the industry. As of November 2017, the app had achieved over 22 million registered users according to the monthly user base. Bumble has also launched new verticals such as the Bumble BFF for finding friends and the Bumble BIZZ which gives the users the ability to change their professional life.

A few changes are expected to be made in the Bumble app following the recent mass shootings in U.S. Bumble user’s posts and update their profile pictures in different dimensions or backgrounds including brandishing a handgun. The Bumble CEO now says that the company has plans in motions to ban images of guns and firearms from all its users. Since the killing spree that took place in Florida, a significant number of companies have cut ties with National Rifle Association and Bumble app is following suit soon. The company has 5000 moderators who are expected to remove all the gun-related contents and images from the app.

The new law resembles how Bumble deals with fake photos, nudity and hate speech among other indiscretions. Dangerous weapons such as knives will also be banned from the app. However, users in the military will be allowed to post their photos and images with guns but only when in uniforms. Ms. Whitney Wolfe also adds that competitive sports shooters can appeal to have their pictures reinstated. The ban is meant to create a community where people feel at peace and not threatened. Bumble is also donating over $ 100,000 to a campaign against gun violence.

Just Who Is Doe Deere

The name Doe Deere isn’t fairly common here in America, but there isn’t anything that’s common about this person. The Doe Deere of cosmetics is as flamboyant as her actual makeup products. This extraordinary young woman has changed the game by doing things her way. She has implemented her very own sense of style right into her products. Doe Deere is probably one of the most fashionable people that you’ve never heard of, but she owns one of the most popular cosmetics brand of the 21st century. Lets get a more in-depth look at to why this person is so special.


Musician, trendsetter, futurist, entrepreneur, businesswoman and artist describes Doe Deere. She possesses each and every one of these facets to the highest degree. She is a true animal-lover and none of her products are tested on animals. Deere gives back in many different ways by supporting charities like HOLA, Bideawee and Girls Inc. Themes and colors are what she thrives off and all of her brand’s colors represent certain themes. As you can see, there is a method to the madness and the brand’s colors are more than just organized-chaos. Alchemy, Lime Crime’s latest collection, is based on subcultures, fantasies and mythical creatures. Deere brings the color palette to life via poisonous greens, burning coppers and swirling purples. What you see is definitely what you get. “I’ll never stop daring myself to try new things,” said Deere.


This Fashion Institute of Technology student is using her illustration and fashion design-sense in the best possible way. “War Paint,” a popular dual biography, is one of her top business books to read as it speaks on international business strategies of the beauty empire. Deere is well-inclined about the beauty business in general, and she uses this knowledge to further her brand. Karl Lagerfeld is also another one of her favorite authors. The liquid-matte lipsticks are some of the most popular Lime Crime products. These dynamic lipsticks are rich in color, are easy to apply and are touch-proof. These fantastic lipsticks has set the precedent for modern-day cosmetics. The “Blue Unicorn” lipstick just so happened to be one of the brand’s first best-sellers. What more could you ever want from a high-quality cosmetics brand? What more could you ever need from a creator? All in all, Doe Deere has made her mark on society, but who knows what she has in store for the coming years.


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Securus Technologies Developing the Advanced WCS Technology to Keep Contraband Phones Away from Prison Facilities

Securus Technologies has long been the leader in the correctional sphere, and with the kind of technologies it has been innovating and developing from time to time, there is no doubt as to why the company has held on to its position at the top in the corrections space. Recently, Securus Technologies rolled out the Wireless Containment Solutions, which is the only tested, accepted and approved contraband interdiction technology available in the market currently.


With the help of the Wireless Containment Solutions provided by Securus Technologies, it is impossible for the inmates to be able to use the contraband phones. The epidemic of the contraband phone use has been spreading across all the correctional facilities lately, and it damages the penitentiary ecosystem in ways more than one. Not only does it makes the corrections space less secure for the inmates as well as the officers, but it also makes the criminals more powerful by giving them the control of the criminal activities outside the prison as well through their extended network outside. It has put the lives of many officers as well as civilians in danger in the past and has also resulted in the death of many.


Securus Technologies’ CEO Rick Smith said that the FCC has been working on expediting the process of implementing the use of WCS technology in the correctional facilities across the country. The backing of FCC would help in reducing the paperwork and documentation required in rolling out Wireless Containment Solutions in the correctional facilities. The contraband phones would be barred from making any communications from within the prison with the WCS technology installed. Recently, there was a disturbing video out in the social media that was taken by an inmate from inside the Evans Correctional Facility. The inmate used the contraband phone to shoot a video of nearly three minutes and then posting it on the social media while brandishing a knife in the video. It goes on to show the loopholes within the security apparatus of even the most secure prisons.


Securus Technologies firmly believes that with the use of Wireless Containment Solutions, it would become more comfortable for the law enforcement agencies to restrict the use of contraband phones inside the prison. Currently, as a test, the eight facilities that were using the Wireless Containment Solutions has been able to stop 1.7 million unauthorized and illegal communications to and from the prison through the contraband phones. The inmates who have contraband phones can also be detected with the use of this technology, which would further infuse the fear among the inmates as to not take the risk of using the contraband phones. Wireless Containment Solutions is the only technology that has been found to be successful in keeping contraband phones away so far in the correctional sphere.