PSI-Pay: Taking Contactless Pay to the Next Level

Decades ago, the thought of having paperless cash was unfathomable. Gradually, the society has been embracing this idea, and it is time to call a spade a spade. The future of paper cash is bleak and behold the new thing in town is contactless pay. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, in 2015 cash payments was still the most preferred mode of payment and it accounted for 32 % of all transaction. At a close second was the debit card with an estimated use of 27 % of all transactions. Lastly, credit cards accounted for 21 % of all transactions.


With the number of cash and card payments dwindling, people are starting to join contactless payment bandwagon. PSI is a company that has challenged the societal concept of using paper cash. Their concept involves the use of a ring which is a combination of debit and credit card system. The ring is designed to create a comfy feeling while being waterproof and also damage proof. To capture each individual, they have developed 12 unisex rings which are made of different sizes.


The current global system has been experiencing some shortcomings when it comes to maintaining a client’s security. As every year ends most financial institutions add a layer of security which seems to bring havoc to the industry instead of creating a haven for financial transactions. For instance, in 2017, it is estimated that over 2.5 billion payment records were either compromised or stolen. This was a subsequent increase from 2016 which had 0.3 billion documents stolen.


The benefit of having PSI pay is that your financial records are safe. They combine data from your previous transactions while checking your financial trends. They also have some of the brightest minds who keep a close look in your financial transactions, and if they suspect an unusual transaction, they will flag it for further security measures. Additionally, they involve the use of third-party companies that help them verify your account. With their revolutionary security system, you can transact efficiently without fear of being compromised.


Guilherme Paulus builds the largest tour company in Brazil alone

Running a business successfully is one of the things that many people would love to do. However, it is not the easiest of the tasks that one can accomplish. To run a profitable business can be expensive and challenging. To make it in business, one needs to build the right frame of mind that will allow them to make it in the industry. It is interesting to note that there is a lot that one can accomplish by staying true to one industry. When you focus on one industry, you have better opportunities of addressing the needs of the customers in that industry appropriately.

One business person in Brazil has seen the fruits of focusing on one industry. Guilherme Paulus is now one of the wealthiest people in Brazil. His net worth is $1.1 billion. Through the activities he has carried out in the tourism sector, he has built the largest tour company in the country. He is also focusing on the growth of the industry in order to bring as many tourists as possible in Brazil. Guilherme started CVC tour company in 1972 aged 24 years. Although he had partnered with a Brazilian politician, the latter left the company after four years. Guilherme Paulus was left in charge of the company. From then, the direction the company was to make was his sole responsibility.

Guilherme Paulus did not disappoint even after being left alone. He worked extra hard and placed the company in a position of a leader in the tourism sector. Over the years, he built this company and made sure that it was involved in activities that could change the cause of tourism in Brazil. Looking at how much he has accomplished, there is no doubt that this company is the best in the region. It is now a publicly traded company with annual revenue of over $5 billion.

Guilherme Paulus has over the years improved the company’s operations. Every year, the company is adding new stores around malls in Brazil. The stores are meant to help Brazilians and tourist to access better services. Every year, he is adding 100 stores.

Paul Mampilly’s Twitter Articles


After graduating from the University of Florida in 1991, Paul Mampilly got a well-paying job as a manager in one of the banks on Wall Street. Ever since his experience curve has been growing steeply and he has gained more experience along the way. He has worked with various multi-billion empires with latest being a six-billion-dollar hedge fund owned by Kinetic assets management. Furthermore, Paul Mampilly is a brilliant fellow, and this was proven during the Templeton foundation award that he won during the 2008-2009 financial crisis.

After years of experience with the wall street and managing big financial institutions, he decided to move out of the wall street and channel his knowledge the people out of this zone. Today, he is considered an advocate for the ordinary individuals and he focuses on advising them on the best investment practices. Despite appearing on various television programs, he writes newsletters, including his latest one known as Profits Unlimited. Therefore, Paul Mampilly has managed to cater to the average American citizens and his fans around the world as well.

Twitter Article Recap

In this article, Paul Mampilly talks about the bitcoins and how people are making lots and lots of money. He gives a true story of a thirty-year-old, Erica Standford who became a millionaire after investing her money in the cryptocurrency. According to Mr. Mampilly, people are reaping a lot from the cryptocurrency, especially the millennials. When Mrs. Erica quit her marketing job, her boss promised to keep for her the post so that when she fails, she will come back. On the other hand, her father accused her of following the road to becoming homeless, but she followed her heart and decided to trade in cryptocurrency full time. According to Mr. Mamphilly, no one understood why she had to take such a huge risk. When she lost about six thousand dollars in a day since her wallet was offline and she was unable to cash out for the trade, she kept on pushing. Therefore, his parting shot to the investors was to invest where millennials are putting their money.

GoBuySide Is A Successful Company With Global Reach And Quality That They Bring To A Company

Created in 2011, GoBuyside has built up important trust with many key stakeholders, companies, and clients over many years. Because of its base of 500 clients, GoBuyside can tap the right talent from a global pool of staff. GoBuyside is involved in talent recruitment and part-time consulting engagements. GoBuyside, which is located in New York City. GoBuyside a for-profit firm that has 50 employees. GoBuyside is unique for its ability to tap a talent network of approximately 100,000 people and has filled over 2 thousand client positions since their company’s founding. With its modern platform for recruitment, GoBuyside is focused on a particular milieu of business.

GoBuySide works directly with advisory platforms, hedge funds, private equity firms, Fortune 500 companies, and investment managers. With 500 clients that trust GoBuyside, it is a real testament to the company’s corporate reach, globally. GoBuyside provides a quality product — their staff — which is their strength. GoBuyside knows what companies are looking for. Whether it is a firm that works in hedge funds, consulting, or recruiting, GoBuyside has had a high amount of success from finding the right staff for its stakeholders. GoBuyside has a very helpful suite of solutions, which can be tailored to both small and large companies. Part of the reason that GoBuyside has been a successful company is because it provides a plethora of consulting and business arrangements.

This New York-based company gives crucial information concerning its many potential clients. There are many blogs on GoBuyside’s website. The topics of these blogs include studies about topics like private equity compensation. GoBuyside also has input and key data from firms. Because there are hundreds of staff and professionals in the field of private equity that can provide hard data, GoBuyside’s uses it to get the information they need to write essential blogs. GoBuyside covers many geographic areas to procure the best talent. GoBuyside works with 16 countries like Chile, U.S., Singapore, the UK, Germany, China, UAE, Mexico, Brazil, Switzerland, Argentina, and many other nations. Moreover, GoBuyside taps into the potential of talented staff in approximately 52 cities in 16 nations.

Mermaid EOS First Impressions

PurpleStars02 reviews and does first impressions on some brand new EOS Lip Balms. The set is called the Marine Collection. She found the set at Kohls for $9.

The first one she tries out is the Water Mint flavor. This one comes in an aqua colored container. She assumes it is going to be very refreshing. It’s a brand new scent, and she says it doesn’t smell like any other lip balm she’s every smelled before. It’s a combination of peppermint, spearmint, and eucalyptus mint. It has the same amazing consistency as always. It’s very silky, smooth, and hydrating. It leaves a tiny bit of shine on the lips. She rates it an 8 out of 10.

The next one she reviews is the “shimmery mermaid EOS” which is what she calls it because it doesn’t actually have a specific flavor. It comes in a dark purple container with silver design, and says it is color changing on your lips. The product is a shiny purple in color, and is something she has never seen before. It is very pretty even before putting it on. It smells like a light vanilla, and it does cause a slight change in lips. It’s not a harsh change, but it is very shimmery and blends really nicely. It does have a light vanilla flavor as well. She gives it an 8.5 out of 10.

She loved both of these EOS Lip Balms but she thinks her favorite out of the two is the shimmery mermaid EOS Lip Balm because it’s just so fun and something new for EOS to do. It’s super unique and she just loves how it changes colors on your lips. Both are very hydrating and moisturizing, and very reasonable in price. They are available in stores and the website.

Why Talkspace Is a Futuristic Therapy Office

The millennium age is filled with stressed out adults and depressed children who did not get the fundamental tools to combat life’s inevitable hurdles. This creates a broken social set up where stress affects new people like a ripple effect. This is the definition of hurting people hurts people.

The internet age provides millions of people with access to online therapy sessions to smoothen their lives. Talkspace is a famous online therapy platform accessible through mobile and PCs. The forum began operating in 2012 as an establishment of Roni Frank and Oren Frank. They ensure that each therapist has n operating license in New York.

Talkspace is a safe talking space that encodes conversation using the banking encryption system. Each registered user undergoes an assessment test that matches them to a suitable therapist who will match their daily schedule and therapeutic needs. Talkspace affords therapy to anyone who may not afford or manage to travel to a physical office for treatment. The app allows communication through apps, video chats, audios and texts.

Recently, Talkspace announced its plan to work with Michael Phelps to emphasize the importance of seeking mental therapy. The message receives broadcast from national TV to reach a wider number. Michael Phelps speaks on his personal journey to defeating mental battles and urges anyone experiencing the same to find solace on Talkspace.

Phelps expresses his desperation while dealing with anxiety and depression. He talks about his urge to seek out professional help but combating crippling anxiety. Phelps began unloading his life from stress by video chatting and texting with therapists on Talkspace. He has transformed from a ball of anxiety and depression that feels alienated from the surrounding world to an optimistic and authentic person who finds joy in everyday life.

Michael Phelps is currently part of the firm’s board of advisors, which includes CEOs in the commercial world, expert psychologists and other industry experts. Oren Frank understands the depth Michael Phelps possesses about mental health and stated that his addition will play a huge role in Talkspace. Talkspace is excellent for anyone who finds it impossible to go outside, a famous person, rich or poor person as well the old and young.

Gareth Henry Fights for Gay Rights

Gareth Henry is a renowned figure both in his home country of Jamaica and in the international circles. The vocal activist has always been at the forefront in the fight for gay rights. Although he comes from a relatively conservative society in Jamaica, the activist has embarked on a spirited battle meant to ensure that gays are not only recognized but are also given the treatment they deserve. He has been on the headlines where comes out as a fierce defender of the gay rights. He once hit the headlines in the local and international media when he endured a sustained beating from the Jamaican security personnel.

It was such a horrible and inhuman act which was being orchestrated by the very government which should protect the rights of its citizens. Gareth Henry had been corned by the police at a pharmacy and was subsequently beaten in front of hundreds of people. Following that act, Gareth Henry sensed that his life was in danger. To escape from being assassinated by his enemies and the authorities, the activist fled to Canada. He claimed that he had received many death threats. As such, it was risky for him to continue living in Jamaica. He fled to Canada in the year 2008 and was given asylum by the Canadian government. He confessed that throughout the period was engaged in gay activism in his home country, more than ten of his close friends had been murdered. He blamed the Jamaican government for the atrocities. He said that he took the helm of the Jamaican gay movement after the then leader was stabbed to death.

Gareth Henry together with his colleagues has suffered violence at the hands of the police in an uncountable number of times. According to him, such violence was unjustified, and he filed several complaints to the relevant authorities. However, there were no efforts by the government to stop such inhuman acts. In fact, the harassment increased. Gareth Henry alleged that space for gays is not safe in Jamaica. The group lives in fear of attack from the government and other members of the public who are opposed to homosexuality.

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Igor Cornelsen: Investment Genius

The investment career of Igor Cornelsen started in 1970 after he graduated from the Federal University fo Panama with a degree in economics. Initially, Cornelsen attended the Federal University of Panama to study engineering, but after two years of coursework, he decided to pursue a career in business, a move that led to the successful career he enjoys today.

Upon graduation, Cornelsen gained employment from an investment bank. A few years later, he moved to Rio de Janeiro. By 1974 Igor Cornelsen was sitting on the board of directors of Multibanco, one of Brazil’s largest investment firms. By 1976 he was the CEO.

Igor Cornelsen was only with Multibanco for a short time, however. In 1978 Multibanco was acquired by another, larger bank, and Cornelsen decided to seek employment elsewhere. He found it another large Brazilian bank known as Unibanco. Once again, Cornelsen sat on the board of directors and enjoyed many successful years at Unibanco.

In 1985, Cornelsen decided once again to move, and he was hired by Libra Bank LPC. Libra Bank LPC was a London Merchant Bank, and as such, they paid salaries in US dollars. This was the first time Cornelsen had been paid in US dollars and this new currency allowed him to further diversify his portfolio by investing in new markets.

After Libra Bank LPC, Cornelsen went to Standard Chartered Merchant Bank. In 1995, he left to pursue his own investment firm. He found success in his own firm, and he continues to operate it and oversee investments to this day.

Cornelsen’s investment strategies revolve around up to date news. He chooses to get his news directly from sources, rather than rely on second-hand interpretations. He also invests on a macro-level. This means he focuses on the interactions between the economies of different countries.

Whitney Wolfe and the Ugly Battle

In March the dating app Tinder filed a lawsuit against its competitor, dating app Bumble, stating that Bumble infringed upon its copyrights by directly copying its card-swipe, mutual opt-in premise. Tinder and Bumble have been rivals even before Bumble was founded. The very personal goes back to 2012 when Whitney Wolfe, the founder of Bumble, first started to help lead Tinder. That same year she began dating Justin Mateen, one of the companies cofounders. By 2014 they had broken up. And it was not a good break-up. They two had frequent fights in the office. Read more articles about Whitney Wolfe at

All this came to a head in 2014. During that year Whitney Wolfe left Tinder and then sued the two co-founders, Mateen and Sean Rad, for sexual harassment and discrimination. Whitney Wolfe stated that the two became verbally abusive, calling her a whore and often making other sexist and racist comments, emails, and text messages. In the end, the matter was settled by Tinder paying $1 million and suspending Mateen and Rad. In December of that year, Wolfe co-founded Bumble. Bumble has done so incredibly well in so short a time that in 2017 Match Group, the owner of Tinder, made to generous offers to buy out Bumble—$450 million and then over $1 billion—both of which were turned down.

In retaliation, on behalf of Match, Tinder launched this recent lawsuit. Tinder claims that Whitney Wolfe is not the only former Tinder employee to steal some of their confidential trade secrets while with them. Other former Tinder employees have been named as well. But Bumble is fighting back, countersuing Match for a frivolous lawsuit made simply for the purpose of suing them. Bumble also claims that Match sued them because they were not the only interested company out there wanting to buy Bumble. Suing Bumble and winning would effectively make it less desirable. For this, they are seeking $400 million in damages.

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Sahm Adrangi Speech At The Manhattan Conference

Sahm Adrangi, the mastermind behind the formation of Kerrisdale Capital Management in 2009, is an investment analyst who seeks to provide a leeway through which individuals openly invest in projects that are worthwhile. Over the years, there has been a skyrocketing demand for investments, therefore exposing many people to non-existing investment projects which more often than not end up swindling their hard earned finances. Armed with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the reputable Yale University in the year 2003, he has risen from a mere right-hand man for substantial financial firms to become one of the highly sought after investment analysts.

Fresh from the University, Sahm Adrangi sharpened his skills working for the Longrace Fund Management LLC as its chief investments analyst. The firm was set for a complete overhaul of its investment projects in a bid to increase its Return On Investments value. The sudden success of the company exposed his career growth to full throttle, and within a brief time, rival financial institutions came knocking for his fantastic services. Chanin Capital tapped his expertise to restructure its bankruptcy policies by advising their creditors.

Sahm Adrangi’s in-depth research on possible investment opportunities with a precedent high return has led to the growth of his firm’s net worth to a whopping $150 Million in assets. His works have been globally recognized due to his unrelenting fight against fraudulent Chinese stocks long before investors would engage them, therefore saving them fortunes. In a recently-held conference, he made an outstanding speech on “Ad Fraud Opportunities” was well received due to the nature of risk it poses on the stock market.

The conference held in Manhattan proved worthwhile for the attendees who had to part with costs ranging from $2,000 and $4,000. Those who grasped every dos and don’ts throughout the speeches went home a happy lot, and should they implement the ideas and information shared out; their company’s portfolio will without a doubt go a notch higher. Sahm Adrangi was accompanied by other investments experts including Victoria Hart from the Pinnacle View Capital, Jon Gattman of the Cloverdale Capital Management, and Mark Spiegel from Stanphyl Capital Partners among others.